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Justice for Speedy



    The mission of the Justice for Speedy, LLC website is to raise awareness of harmful practices in the Arabian horseshow industry through the sale of Justice for Speedy: A True Horse Story by Judy Berkley, and other related products in the Justice for Speedy Store.

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Judy Berkley is a veteran writer whose personal journey from a daily columnist at a big city newspaper, into the horse breeding business and glitzy world of Arabian horse shows, and on to the disturbing gamesmanship of the judicial system, is the framework for a publication ,which  fearlessly reveals the ugly truths that may lie behind the seemingly pampered lives of show horses. 

In the compelling true tale of Judy Berkley's beloved Speedy and the fate that befell her golden horse, there's a cast of heroes and villains and plot twists one would expect from a suspenseful novel. The narrative is also interspersed with cautionary information about the widespread use of performance-altering drugs in the horseshow industry, veterinarians-for-hire providing assistance to unscrupulous horse trainers, abusive and harmful training practices that can cause mental and physical damage to horses, the worrisome connection between corticosteroid injections and laminitis, and the failed stewardship of those entrusted with the Arabian horse in America.

Readers will find the ancient and contemporary history of the Arabian horse combined with controversy, criticism, social comment, insider gossip, personal memoir, spiritual

awakening, and Berkley's heartfelt warning that threats to freedom of speech from political correctness and lawyers are jeopardizing our American way of life.  

    Justice for Speedy is a must read story for thoughtful horse-lovers worldwide. But, Justice for Speedy is not recommended for young people owing to technical discussions of drugs and veterinary medical procedures, plot complexity, some adult themes, and salty language.

Visit the Justice for Speedy Store where you will find politically incorrect products designed by Judy that reference abuses in the horseshow industry, harmful training practices, unethical trainers, drugging for performance purposes, and the Divine creation of the horse. More products are in the works.

Your input is welcome. Email your gripes about horseshow practices, abusive trainers, and human absurdities to judy@justiceforspeedy.com  and she’ll  try to design a product to reflect your views. Also participate in the blog. The abuse that some showhorses are subjected to will not change unless true horse-lovers begin to speak out.

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